About Metabook XR

Metabook XR is a leading Edtech Company that has given a new dimension to the concept of VR in education. Founded by two visionaries Ashish and Sanjeev who successfully aspired to bring a revolution into the education industry by taking VR to the next level, Metabook XR today has entered into households and schools and are successfully helping minds become great learners.

The company offers extraordinary content which totally occupies a child’s mind thereby increasing retentivity manifold and has the capacity to teach concepts by bringing it live in the virtual world.

The most unique way to impart education, VR is considered to be the most effective tool to make education simple and interesting to understand and remember.

The aim of Metabook XR is to create tools that can facilitate students to learn fundamentals vividly and think beyond the fixed boundaries of mind. With the belief that technology is an enabler and can help innovate powerful pedagogical tools, this can be successfully used to kindle child’s interest in studies and unfold the child’s hidden potential.

Learning should be fun and this thought has helped the company bring about a complete solution which not only gives a new dimension to the learning process but it also makes the journey super interesting and fun-filled.

Our Founders


Sanjeev Singh

Masters in Engineering - Texas A&M
12 Years of Global Experience in Technology, Engineering & Design.


MBA - Indian School of Business
10+ Years of Experience in Technology, Strategy, and Operations.